Our customers privacy is very important to us. To help protect your privacy. We are providing you with this notice, which explains how we handle information on our site. Also, the choices which you can make about how your information is collected and used. It isn’t a requirement to give us your personal information, when visiting our site. If you decide to knowingly give us your information i.e. During an email (contact form). This is deemed as being a voluntary submission of personal details.
You may have heard of “Cookies”, this type of technology is basically a tiny file which holds data. There are various types of “Cookies”. The type we use for example allows visitors of our website return access to their profile information.
Your computer IP address which consists of a numerical address (all computers have one), is assigned by your internet service provider. Your IP address can therefore be used as part of data collected over the internet (traffic). However, this type of data isn’t used to identify your personal information, only your IP address. The information which is automatically collected is information which, relates to types of devices used to access the internet. The specific browser used to access the internet. The operating system or platform used to access the internet. Any information which we collect from you: Is stored and maintained securely within a web server, in a secure and well protected environment. The only time we would need to share your information is, if we need to share it to complete transactions such as, setting up hosting accounts etc. We do not share any of your information knowingly without first requesting your approval.
It is our intention to make every effort to protect your privacy and your personal information. However, there may be a time if we are required to do so by law (legal obligation) to do so. Such as, in the event of a necessary legal process, or a court proceeding.
All companies are required by law to have in place procedures to safeguard all data. With the intention of preventing unauthorized access to the data. Keep the data accurate and ensure the correct and proper use of the data collected. Using secure electronic, digital, and/or physical environments. The servers that store any such information are in a secure, and securely administered environment, with correct procedures in place.
Our contact form may ask for personal information such as, your address and/or your contact information. That information is protected by 128-bit encryption via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), this put simply is a secure layer within which data is transmitted over the internet. It is known as SSL or Secure Socket Layer. When a website uses this type of information it can be noticed within the browser area and identified by (https:.) as opposed to (http:) which does not use SSL or secure socket layer. If you would like to find out any further information relating to the secure use of information, you can find out here at If we hold any other personal and essential sensitive information about you.
We will store it in a password encrypted secure database.
If we use any third-party products and/or services and advertise them on our website. These are external to our site, and these businesses would also have their own data protection policies in place, which should also be found easily on their websites. We do not have any liability or responsibility for the handling of any data which they may collect. However, if we did advertise a third-party product on our site, and they did not use proper data protection procedures, we would be interested to know. As we would like to interact with companies who follow current data protection guidelines only.
If you need to update, change, request, or delete any of the information about you. Such as, your email address or telephone number etc. We will provide you with a means to do so. You also have the right to request at any time, an account of all the information we may hold about you. This can be done simply by contacting us.
If we decide to make any changes to our privacy policy. We will state any changes which have been made to our privacy statement, (on our privacy page) and the date when which the changes were made.
You can contact us at any time at all, in writing about any data protection concerns which you may have. Using the details below.
Via email at:
Post at: Onchan Elim,
Head Office (Onchan Elim Church & Family Centre).
Second Avenue, Onchan, Isle of Man, IM3 4LT.
Onchan Elim may use various methods on their ‘website’. As do all online businesses. Such as, cookies, and JavaScript etc. The reason being, to improve your user viewer experience, and make it more user friendly. It is necessary to do so. It is our intention to supply you with the correct information about any use of these methods which may be used. We assume the responsibility of processing securely any data received by us from you, as described in both our privacy and cookie policy.
Our current address is: Onchan Elim, Second Avenue, Onchan, Isle of Man, IM3 4LT.
Cookies are tiny text files, which are stored on a device or computer when you visit any website.
Along with ‘Cookies’ JavaScript is also used. Together they create a method of collecting data, then storing it. The files which the data are stored in are ‘Cookies’. Cookies are used on almost every website.
Surfing the internet is easier. If you have visited a site before, you won’t have to re-enter details. Your previous visit will be recognised. Using ‘Cookies’ enables us to analyse how our website is being used. This can help us to improve things where necessary. They can also tell us from what type of device, our website is being viewed.
When cookies by third parties are used, as mentioned previously. The company who are responsible for the use of any third-party cookies. Must also have their own cookie policy in place. Therefore, any company using cookies is responsible for their own policy and use of cookies.
The only cookies which we may use would be either necessary or functional. These types of cookies would assist us, if a customer for example was purchasing anything online from us.
Analytical cookies, as the name suggests are used to collect data. They tell us how our website is being used. They enable us to collect statistics. This enables us to make improvements where necessary.
These types of cookies are used by social media sites. Such as, Facebook etc. For example, when you watch a video on a social media channel, or if you hit the ‘Like’ button for Facebook. They can identify what type of device you are viewing a website from and allow you to view it to suit the type of device. If you have been on the website on a previous occasion, or have ‘logged’ in. They help to remember and identify you. So, you do not need to log in again.
If we use analytical cookies with third parties. They can assist us in gaining further insights. Such as, how often we are visited. This can assist us when deciding to make any improvements. The data which these types of cookies collect are the following:
The devices IP address.
The browser used.
The type of device.
When you visited the website.
How long you visited the website.
Which areas of the website you used, and in which order.
Tracking the number of visitors to our website.
These types of cookies are placed by social media websites themselves. If you decide to click through to a social media page from our website. The social media website then knows when you share or like one of our pages, by remembering your IP address. If you need to know what way this information is handled. You will need to go to the relevant website and look at their own cookie policy.
If you decide you would rather not allow cookies to be placed upon your website, then you can change your browser settings. Once you do this you will then receive notice before one is placed. This will give you the choice of whether you wish to accept them. You can also set your browser settings to refuse all cookies. Or, accept cookies from specific social media platforms. You also can delete cookies from your device. When adjusting browser settings, it is important to remember to adjust them for each device which you use. However, if you do decide that you would rather not allow cookies onto your device. You need to be aware that when viewing any website that uses cookies. Some functionality may be lost, and your viewing experience could be affected. Changing the settings for your browser is similar in most browsers. If you need to access any of these settings, you can do so. By, using any of the relevant links below.
Internet Explorer:
Google Chrome:
If you are using Microsoft Edge, follow these instructions:
Click on the icon for the menu. This appears as three lines. It is situated usually in the top right-hand side of the screen.
Click on the ‘Clock’ icon. This is the ‘History’ tab.
Click on ‘Delete History’.
Then choose exactly what it is you need to delete.
Choose at the bottom, if you want this to happen each time you close the browser.
If you are using Chrome, follow these instructions:
Click on the icon for the menu. This appears as three lines. It is situated usually in the top right-hand side of the screen.
Click on ‘Settings’ then ‘History’, then click on ‘Browsing Data’.
You can choose to check the option to ‘Delete cookies and any other site or plugin data’.
Then choose how old the cookies you want to delete are. Within this option select ‘Everything’.
If you are using Firefox, follow these instructions:
Click on the icon for the menu. This appears as three lines. It is situated usually in the top right-hand side of the screen.
Choose and click the option, ‘Clear your recent history’.
Choose what you wish to delete under the ‘Details’ option.
Place a ‘Tick’ within the ‘Cookies’ option, to delete them.
You also have the choice to specify how old the ‘Cookies’ should be. Choose ‘All’, if you wish all the cookies to be deleted.
If you are using Safari, follow these instructions:
Click on ‘Safari’, then go to ‘Preferences’. This is situated at the top of the menu bar on the left-hand side.
Next, select the privacy tab. This is situated within the top of the window.
‘Delete Website Data’, by clicking on this option.
If you are using Internet Explorer, follow these instructions:
Look for the ‘Gear’ icon, this is situated at the top on the right.
Next, you need to go to the security menu.
Choose – ‘Delete Browsing History’.
Next, choose ‘What’ it is you wish to delete. ‘Website Data & Cookies’.
Next, choose and click on ‘Delete’. This is situated at the bottom of the window.
If any of the rules and regulations, surrounding the handling of customer data changes at any time.
We will update our policies to reflect the changes. Thank you.

© Copyright 2018.
All Rights Reserved. 
Registered Charity Number:  251549.  (Privacy Policy).

© Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved. 
Registered Charity Number:  251549.  (Privacy Policy).