About Us

jonandellaOnchan Elim Church was founded in 1983 and is one of three Elim Pentecostal churches on the Isle of Man, the others being located in Ramsey & Douglas.
We exist to help and serve the people of the Island and in particular, those living in Onchan & the east of the Isle of Man, through our wide programme of meetings & activities.

The people who join with us every week are ordinary people who have found that Christianity is more than just a religion, it is a personal, living relationship with Jesus Christ.

happyOur Mission

· To provide a place where people can gain a deeper knowledge and relationship with God, through Worship, the Word and through the work of the Holy Spirit.
· To give Love, support and encouragement to each believer in the body of Christ. Allowing each to develop and mature in their walk with Christ.
· Finally, to reach out in unity with other churches, to the community by seeking to serve its needs. By doing this we aim to show the love of Christ and to fulfil the gospel of the Lord Jesus.table

We do hope that you will come and enjoy the life of the church in any of our church activities and that you will experience the love of Christ.